Óleo Essencial Micro-esferas Hortelã-pimenta | doTERRA



125 Beadlets



• Promotes oral and respiratory health *

• Relieves stomach from occasional discomfort *

• Provides all the benefits of peppermint essential oil

• Convenient Micro Capris, perfect for traveling and day-to-day


Ingredients: Peppermint Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil,Agar, Gum Guar, Glycerin, Sodium Alginate, Carrageenan, Xylitol.

  • Through a unique and unique process, dōTERRA has captured the unique benefits of peppermint essential oil in the convenience of a smooth vegetarian micro-sphere.

    Each tiny micro-sphere offers a refreshing burst of Peppermint when it dissolves in your mouth, while invigorating your senses.


    More than a mint, the DōTERRA peppermint microspheres can be used for oral care, respiratory health, digestive comfort, and all other situations where peppermint essential oil is used internally.