Mini-Coconut Dish Sponge

Mini-Coconut Dish Sponge


1 pcs.

Product: LoofCo



The Coconut dish sponge you already know ... but now in mini size.

Because there are places where only the little ones arrive, the Coconut Fiber Mini Scrubbing Mop will help you clean the sinks, smaller pots and even reach the most hidden corners of the kitchen.


It is also a good option to take with you when camping.

    • Mop Material: Coconut Fiber
    • Dimensions: 7cm x 5.5cm
    • Biodegradable and compostable
    • It should not be used in utensils coated with teflon
    • Hand made in Sri Lanka
  • Rinse well before using for the first time. Dip the mop in warm, soapy water and you're ready to use.


    To keep the mop cool between uses, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry.