Necessaire deRAIZ

Necessaire deRAIZ


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A product: deRAIZ


LGFB certified cotton. Practical for putting on makeup or other small things that sometimes get "lost" in your bag. With an elegant pom-pom.

  • Material: Cotton. PVC Free.


    Color: White with black pom-pom.


    Dimensions: 20.5 x 14.5 cm

  • German law LGFB, <Food, Tobacco Products, Cosmetics and Other Daily Consumer Management Law>, in recent years, has been revised to meet European standards.

    The act regulates food in all aspects in Germany. All food and food-related goods must meet basic requirements. Materials that come into contact with food must pass the related tests. After meeting all requirements, the LFGB will issue a test report saying: “The product does not contain any hazardous chemical material. "

    - LFGB certification product range
    The LFGB targets all materials and products, including products made with the latest technology. Generally areas such as: ceramics, synthetic plastics, PVC, plasticizers, paper products, leather, textiles, cosmetics, tobacco and so on. Products include: food storage supplies, kitchen utensils, tableware, hygiene items, toys, fabrics or leather clothing; direct use of threads and fabrics; all kinds of cosmetics and tobacco products.

    - The LFGB certification test program includes:
    1. The initial test of samples and materials
    2. Transfer of odor and taste from sensory evaluation
    3. Plastic sample: A transfer component test can be used to detect heavy metals
    4. Metal: composition test and extractable heavy metals
    5. Silicone resin: test for volatile or transferred organic compounds
    6. Special materials: According to the chapters related to the German law for hazardous chemicals

    - Other test items included in this law:
    1. Textiles, leather, polyester fiber and other products used to detect azo dyes.
    2. Harmful chemical ingredients in cosmetics and heavy metals testing
    3. Harmful ingredients in the tobacco test


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