Óleo Essencial de Hortelã-pimenta da NaturallyThinking

Peppermint - NaturallyThinking


10 ml.

A product: NaturallyThinking



Latin name: Mentha piperita


Plant family: Labiado


Extraction method: Steam distillate


Country of origin: USA


Part of plant used: Flowering leaves

Purity: 100% Pure

  • Properties


    - Traditional Physics: Dry cough
    - Main Benefits: Cooling /Stimulating
    - Traditional Emotional Use: Mental Fatigue, Stimulant, Helps Concentration
    - Traditional Use of Skin: Relieves itching, Refreshing



    Peppermint essential oil
    Peppermint is a fast-growing perennial plant, with herbs with green stems and leaves and small white flowers. This being the fresh aroma normally associated with peppermint

    Peppermint derives its name from the Latin and literally means "Peppermint". Peppermint has been linked to its cooling effects and this is a result of the high level of menthol that is found naturally in peppermint essential oil. As a result, peppermint essential oil is an excellent option for mixtures and skin products that aim to refresh the body.


    Top notes of menthol, which are bright and fresh. Camphor and grass notes fill the tones and the association with the cold is evident in the perfume.

    For thousands of years peppermint was traditionally used as a digestive aid and was used to keep mice out of the home.

    Peppermint is commonly used as a stimulant, antiseptic, tonic, apasmolytic and flavoring. When combined in shampoos and conditioners, it can have deodorizing, purifying, refreshing and anti-itch properties.


    Peppermint can be used with many essential oils. Our favorite in many mixes is Lavender; two oils that seem to contradict each other, but that work absolutely in synergy. As well as it combines well with Cedar, Cypress, Mandarin, Marjoram, Rosemary and Pine.