Lavender - NaturallyThinking

Lavender - NaturallyThinking


10 ml.

A product: NaturallyThinking



Latin name: Lavendula latifolia


Plant Family: Labiatae


Extraction method: Steam distillate


Part of the plant used: Leaves and Flowers


Purity: 100% Pure


Country of origin: France

  • Exceptional aroma, with less "sleepy" properties than traditional lavender.




    - Traditional Physical: antiseptic, combats fungi, infections
    - Main Benefits: Stings / Perfumes
    - Traditional Emotional Use: Soothing, Relaxing, De-stressing
    - Traditional use of the skin: Skin soothing, restorative, bruises, wounds, sunburn, stings, perfume


    Spike Lavender Essential Oil
    A European lavender hybrid that produces many of the same properties as lavender without the sleepy effects. A thick, evergreen shrub with linear silver, gray or green leaves and pointed purple, violet or blue flowers


    Clean fresh and floral notes with herbal tones ... The most popular essential oil.


    It can be successfully mixed with any essential oil to improve the aroma of a mixture or improve its therapeutic properties. Citruses, floral oils and herbs work especially well ... Imagination is limitless with lavender.