Pó Fixador Marilyn da Veg-up

Marilyn Fixing Powder

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25 gr.

Product by: Veg-up


Very light and impalpable powder extracted from rice starch. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin, corrects makeup, matifies and gives a smooth appearance.

  • Active ingredients and actions:


    Rice powder: Organic rice powder is obtained from Oryza Stiva, makes the skin whiter and is an excellent base for makeup; it has the ability to opacify and regulate sebum secretion without clogging the pores. Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.


    Corn starch: organic mayonnaise starch has a remarkable softening and emollient effect.


    Silica: Contains perfectly spherical silica particles of an average size of 5 microns. It gives the product a silky touch with a MAT appearance.


    sodium anisate - sodium levulinate Dermosoft® 1388 ECO: This exclusive asset is a mixture of plant extracts. It has a delicate scent and performs an action
    moisturizer. It gives the formula a strong antimicrobial activity and preserves it naturally.


    Tocopherol: The vegetable Tocopherol protects the skin against damage and premature aging.
    Thanks to its high antioxidant activity, it is particularly suitable for protecting the skin against the activity of free radicals and damage caused by UV rays.

  • MICA, ZEA PLUS (CORN) STARCH *, ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) POWDER *, Silica, Parfum (fragrance), Glycerin,
    (*) Organic farming


    11% organic in total 100% natural origin

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