Panos Multi-usos de Bambu da Banbu

Multi-purpose Bamboo Cloths


1 roll

Product by: Banbu



Clean everything you want, but without making the planet dirty.


Roll of reusable vegetable cloths, made with bamboo fiber, perfect to replace conventional cleaning cloths, kitchen paper rolls and even disposable baby wipes.


Each roll contains 20 pre-cut cloths, about 25 x 25 cm each.

  • Naturally! With Banbu!


    - So that you can clean everything you want, your home, your car and even your skin, we propose this magnificent natural alternative to all types of cloths, paper rolls or wipes that you use at home.

    In addition, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable.


    - Vegetable fiber cloths are the perfect choice to clean everything in a totally sustainable way. They are the most ecological alternative to replace tons of conventional non-recyclable cloths and tissues, which each year end up being part of marine ecosystems, causing irreparable damage.

    So that the cleaning of our house or our skin does not soil the planet!


    - Banbu cloths are 100% vegetable, made entirely of bamboo fibers which, as you know, is one of the most sustainable materials available.


    - But its advantages do not stop there, the bamboo fibers are very resistant and fully washable, which makes these cloths, contrary to what you might think, as durable as any conventional fabric. It is Practical and Cheap.


    - These multipurpose cloths are ideal for cleaning whatever you need. You can use them both wet for the kitchen or bathroom, or dry for dust or glass, as they also do not leave hairs. You can wash them by hand or in the machine like any other, they are just as practical. You will hardly notice a difference, but the environment will notice and thank you!


    - Besides being natural, they are extraordinarily soft and hygienic, they can also be used as wipes for the skin. With make-up removers, to apply a product, clean your hands, etc. They are also suitable for the skin of your little ones, as they are totally safe and respect the skin.


    - Banbu cloths come in rolls and each roll has 20 units, which will last a long time, each one can hold up to 200 washes. For your comfort, they are dotted, so you don't have to use scissors to cut them. With a pull along the dotted line, done! 😉


    You know ... If your lifestyle bets on sustainability, and you don't want to generate so much waste that you end up harming the planet ...


    Change the artificial for the natural. Switch to Banbu!