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Toothpaste - Lemon


1 pcs.

Product by: Babu


100% Recyclable Toothpaste

We are proud to present a nationally produced product.

100% national product


Babu toothpaste was formulated to exclude the use of controversial ingredients and used generically for most toothpastes on the market, such as: Triclosan, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)


Since foam is a very important characteristic for the consumer, in Babu toothpaste this function is achieved by a completely biodegradable compound.

  • - Extremely simplified production process by carrying out in a single stage what is generally done by traditional 4-stage packaging, achieved as follows:

    • Significant energy savings
    • Significant waste reduction
    • Significant reduction in necessary resources


    - Reduction of transport needs between phases and consequent emissions caused.


    - Tube thickness considerably smaller than the others, thus reducing a significant part of the resources used.

    - Reduction of CO2 emissions of 35% compared to various packages on the market.


    - Its recyclability is 100% guaranteed, and can be placed in the yellow recycling bin, with the guarantee of reusing all material. Unlike other solutions on the market produced in bioplastics, in which recycling is not guaranteed due to the lack of capacity to use the market.


    - A smaller carbon footprint through:

    • Movement reduction and material transport
    • Over 17% reduction in raw materials
    • Decrease in energy consumed and waste

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We believe in helping out Mother Nature, we reuse all of our packaging.

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