Pasta de Dentes Natural - Carvão Vegetal Ativado da Georganics

Natural Toothpaste (Charcoal Activator)


120 ml.


Tooth paste mixed with Active Charcoal made from coconut shell and peppermint organic essential oil. Whitening toothpaste thanks to the cleaning and whitening properties of charcoal. It has a hot and spicy aroma. Formulation 100% pure, with organic and food based certified ingredients.

Anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal properties thanks to the coconut oil used as the base of the toothpaste.

    • Fluoride Free, SLS Free and Glycerin
    • Not tested on animals and certified vegan
    • Zero waste packaging: glass bottle and recyclable and biodegradable carton
    • Glass bottle with bamboo dosing spatula


    • Compostable box made of kraft paper and printed with vegetable paints


    • Organic Coconut Oil and Natural Minerals
    • Georganics natural and organic toothpaste cleans and mineralizes teeth naturally thanks to calcium carbonate and sodium carbonate which contains large amounts of minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and natural organic silica. This is the softest toothpaste and contains only top quality, organic and food grade certified ingredients.
    • Validity: 12 months after opening