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Georganics Chewing Gum


30 pcs. of gum

Product by: Georganics


Did you know that chewing gum helps to wash your mouth and bacteria from your mouth, protecting your teeth from the bacterial acid that causes cavities?

Georganics tablets are made with natural gum from the Sapodilla and Acácia trees, later flavored with English mint and xylitol for a refreshing mouth feel.

  • Vegan
  • Without plastic
  • Without gluten
  • Formula with natural and food-based ingredients
  • Fluoride-free and preservatives
    • With Xylitol helping to reduce cavities and plaque;
    • Flavored with English mint for fresh breath;
    • Possibility to purchase refills


    How to use

    Take out a piece after a meal and chew for approximately 20 minutes.

    Dispose of with compostable food or waste.

  • Xylitol [1,2], Gum Base [2], Calcium Carbonate [1,2], Flavoring [1,2], Gum Arabic [2], Lecithin [1,2].

    [1] Food Based Ingredient

    [2] Natural ingredient

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