Large Bamboo Comb

Large Bamboo Comb


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Product: Avril


Matted hair? Avril's Big Bamboo Comb comes to your rescue! In a few moments, your mane is untangled! Ufa!

    • Bamboo
    • Wide teeth
    • Quality comb
    • 15 cm x 5.5 cm
  • How to avoid knots in the hair?

    • Brush your hair in the morning, at night and before washing your hair
    • When washing them, just gently massage the scalp to avoid tangling all hair
    • If your hair becomes matted, apply a conditioner or mask after each shampoo

    How to keep your comb?

    • After using it on damp hair, dry it with a shaggy towel
    • Do not store in a humid place
    • Wash the comb with a mild shampoo and warm water. Dry immediately with a fluffy towel.
    • Lubricate the comb once a year.

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