Pincel para Esfumaçar Sombras da Benecos

Eyeshadow Smudge Brush

€5.50 Regular Price
€4.95Sale Price

The Eyeshadowhadow Smudge Brush shape allows the color of the shadow to be easily captured and applied accurately. It is ideal for shading and smudging eyeshadows.


Benecos brushes, made of high quality synthetic fibers with FSC certified birch handles and recyclable aluminum, now shine in style
new colors.

  • Length: 0.16 cm.


    It is ideal for application and smudging shadows. Toray synthetic fibers, super soft. Handle made of certified bamboo, recyclable aluminum.


    Benecos brushes are made of high quality Toray synthetic fibers, which ensure optimum absorption and color distribution. The super thin hairs are rounded at the tip and are extremely soft on the skin. Very long lasting, skin friendly and suitable for animal allergy sufferers. Bamboo handles from certified crops and recyclable aluminum tips.


    Vegan and Cruelty Free.

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