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Hair Serum [frangipani and mango]

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30 ml.

Product by: Greensense


This multifunctional formula with a fruity aroma is enriched with vegetable oils that help to care for hair.


It is suitable for all types of hair, but especially for dry, damaged, colored and curly hair. For shiny and energetic hair.


In this hair serum we do not use artificial silicones.

  • Before using, shake to mix all the ingredients. After washing the hair, dry it with a towel and rub 1 to 2 drops of the serum on the palms of your hands and distribute it mainly on the ends of your hair. There is no need to rinse. Then dry your hair normally. It is a versatile hair serum, so it can also be applied before washing and also on dry hair, if necessary. For best results, when washing your hair use one of our solid conditioners.