Sabonete Facial de Hortelã e Urtigas | MUSA

Mint and Nettle Face Soap Bar


125 gr.

Product by: MUSA


Moisturizing soap for facial cleansing with a refreshing aroma.

Contains nettles, peppermint and clay. Ideal for cleaning. Anti-inflammatory properties. Refreshing mint aroma. Mint purifies and helps preserve the skin's collagen. Menthol is known for its action against bacteria.


Indicated for Oily and Acnose Skin.

  • This product is based on natural raw materials such as rich vegetable butters and aromatic plants and vegetable oils such as, for example, Coconut Oil that promotes skin conditioning and great stability against skin oxidation. Studies reveal possible anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-swelling and anti-oxidant properties of nettle with its topical application. Contains color attributed naturally through clay and crushed minerals.

    Contains: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin D

    Not recommended for pregnant women. Suspend its use in case of irritation. Do not swallow.

    Ingredients: Sodium olivate, Sodium cocoate, Beer, Sodium Cocoa Butterate, Sodium castorate, Sodium sheabutterate, Gliceryne, Sodium jojobate, CI 77891, Ilite, Parfum, CI 77019, CI 77288, Urtica Dioica, Limonene, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.

    Validity after opening: 6 Months
    NO preservatives, NO synthetic fragrances, NO synthetic dyes, NO synthetic ingredients. Not tested on animals. Pure and Natural Ingredients only.

  • You can use this soap every day, however, it is not recommended more than 1 use per day to avoid excess cleaning of the fat necessary for skin protection. It is advisable to use a Facial Cream day or night after cleaning.


    Use on wet skin and rinse after use.


    Always keep your soap dry after exposure to water, for a longer durability of your product.


    Store in a dry place.