Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts



Main Benefits: Relieve pain and cramps, Relaxation

Natural Properties: Magnesium Sulfate

100% Vegetable Origin

100% Palm Oil Free

Not Tested on Animals

Cas: 10034-99-8

Einecs: 231-298-2

  • Epsom salts are one of the oldest bath remedies. Rich in magnesium, it helps to soothe problematic skin and bring relief to the body.


    Epsom salts are a natural product and can vary in color, granule size and aroma.



    Innovative, eco-friendly zip bags, robust and practical, are compostable and recyclable to reduce waste in a sustainable manner.
    If there is no homemade or local compost, it is recyclable, put it on cardboard.


    - The role of these grants comes from sustainably managed forests.

    - Protective and compostable barrier film for perfect product conservation.

    - Reusable zipper in vegetable material for easier use and without impact on nature.