Shaving - Shaving Soap

Shaving - Shaving Soap


1 pcs. (Approx. 60g)

Product by: Terra Saboaria Artesanal


Moisturizing soap for shaving and waxing.


The SHAVING bar shaving cream prepares the skin for a more pleasant and careful shave, avoiding irritated skin and redness.


Contains 100% natural ingredients such as olive oil and eco-sustainable coconut and palm oils (powerful moisturizers and skin protectors), castor oil (regenerating and rich in vitamins A / D / E), shea butter (softens and nourishes ), sea salt (improves circulation and detoxifies) and essential oils of lavender (healing and soothing) and cardamom (refreshing and antibacterial).

  • Ingredients:

    Saponified olive, coconut, castor, bio-sustainable palm and avocado oils, shea butter, black cardamom, lavender essential oil and sea salt.

    Natural dye.


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