So Pure - Desodorizante Sólido Banbu
  • Shaver / Toothbrush Holder


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    Product by: Banbu



    Mineral support in natural stone


    The mineral supports were designed and created with all the details to be perfect for the bathrooms. They are made from natural mineral stones that are polished in powder and compacted in different forms.

    • Unique and timeless design
    • Fast drying
    • Made in France
    • Suitable for toothbrushes and shavers allowing them to dry properly and quickly
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    Ecological and certified vegan deodorant, with a mild to clean aroma, made in solid and 100% zero residues. Composed of a mixture of mineral and plant active ingredients that offers healthy and effective protection, allowing the skin to breathe naturally.

    Its active ingredients were carefully selected according to criteria of effectiveness and respect for the skin, health and the environment. And they have been combined in the right proportions to provide maximum effectiveness, care and a discreet aroma.

    In addition :

    - Does not contain aluminum derivatives. It does not contain unnatural alcohols. Does not contain antiperspirants.

    - It is certified by Bio.inspecta according to the Bio Vida Sana standard, which guarantees consumers that they are purchasing a true economic cosmetic.

    - Natural cosmetic product with 27.28% certified organic ingredients.

    Length :

    - Deodorant bones are a long-lasting product, as they are formulated to be effective by applying only a small amount, however their useful life will logically depend on the frequency and the particular mode of use.

    - Weight: 65g