So Wild - Desodorizante Sólido_Banbu

So Wild - Banbu Solid Deodorant


1 pcs.

A product: Banbu

Do you like intense sessions, adventure, risk?

If you live with passion and are attracted by the scent of distant lands, then the SO WILD deodorant is your perfect travel companion.

An intense blend of cedar, clove and benzoin makes So Wild our most exotic, wild and mildly masculine deodorant.

Its warm fragrance of sweet wood and spices will accompany you throughout the day thanks to the effectiveness of the extraordinary active ingredients that make up this natural deodorant.

The So Pure Banbu deodorant is a cosmetic product designed for those looking for a healthy, ecological and vegan alternative in their daily hygiene. For anyone who wants their personal care to respect both their health and the environment.

This solid deodorant, like the rest of the Banbu deodorant range, is created to offer complete protection, while taking care of your health and your skin, respecting its natural flora and perspiration.

Its natural absorbent and deodorant actives, such as white clay and bamboo charcoal, act to retain excess moisture, while sodium bicarbonate or zinc oxide effectively neutralize odor-causing bacteria, being a perfect alternative to aluminum salts, present in many commercial deodorants, harmful to health.

Its oily base of waxes and highly nourishing oils make its application smooth and unctuous, taking care and repairing the skin of everyday aggressions such as shaving, shaving or scrubbing.

Its silky texture facilitates the application, leaving a soft, comfortable and non-moist sensation in the armpit.

In addition, its 100% vegan formula guarantees its commitment to respect the animal world, and its solid format in 100% recyclable packaging, guarantees zero waste for this product.

If this is also your philosophy, your lifestyle, and if you are looking for an effective, discreet and genuine deodorant like you, try our So Wild !!

  • Ecological and certified vegan deodorant, with a mild to clean aroma, made in solid and 100% zero residues. Composed of a mixture of mineral and plant active ingredients that offers healthy and effective protection, allowing the skin to breathe naturally.

    Its active ingredients were carefully selected according to criteria of effectiveness and respect for the skin, health and the environment. And they have been combined in the right proportions to provide maximum effectiveness, care and a discreet aroma.

    In addition :

    - Does not contain aluminum derivatives. It does not contain unnatural alcohols. Does not contain antiperspirants.

    - It is certified by Bio.inspecta according to the Bio Vida Sana standard, which guarantees consumers that they are purchasing a true economic cosmetic.

    - Natural cosmetic product with 27.28% certified organic ingredients.

    Length :

    - Deodorant bones are a long-lasting product, as they are formulated to be effective by applying only a small amount, however their useful life will logically depend on the frequency and the particular mode of use.

    - Weight: 65g

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