10 ml.

Product by: NaturallyThinking


Latin name: Citrus Paradise

Plant family: Rutaceae

100% Pure

Extraction method: It is expressed from the peel of the ripe fruit

Country of origin: Cyprus

Chemical constituents: Geraniol, Linalool (alcohol), Citral (aldehyde), Limonene, Pinene (terpenes)


  • Grapefruit Essential Oil

    A tree of shiny leaves with the big fruits hanging from it. The grapefruit yield is very low compared to other citrus, such as orange and lemon. The expeller is the best extraction method, as distillation produces low quality.



    Main Benefits: Detoxification / Circulation
    Traditional Emotional Use: Uplifting, Reliving, Energizing, Refreshing

    Traditional use of the skin: increased astringent circulation


    A clean, fresh and crisp top note that really lends itself to bringing mixtures to life. A citrus tone remembers its origin


    Mixing Oils
    Combines well with all other citrus and spice oils and also with Palmarosa, Neroli, Rosemary, Cypress, Juniper, Lavender, Jasmine, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang