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Nail Polish- Sorbet Framboise (comp. 7 FREE)

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Product by: Avril

Apply a good humor layer with Sorbet Framboise nail polish! A color with vitality, intense, bright and long lasting. This nail polish will become an essential!

It is not a biological product.


Beautiful raspberry tone with 'electric' intensity.

Long lasting and easy application.

Fast drying, glossy finish.


Composition "7 Free":

- Without parabens

- Without formaldehyde

- Without phthalates

- Without toluene

- Without xylene

- Without camphor

- No rosin.

Not tested on animals.

Vegan product.


  • To have the ideal shine on your nails, you have to prepare the ground:


    1) Brush nails very well to remove all impurities;


    2) Polish your nails about once a month. Do not polish more often to avoid fraying


    3) Apply a coat of "Top coat" to protect the nails from the nail polish pigments. Allow to dry and smooth the surface again


    4) Apply a coat of Sorbet Framboise nail polish;

    5) Finish with a topcoat layer for optimal gloss and finish;

    6) Now just need to admire your nails, WOW!