Verniz Vegan - Guimauve_Avril

Vegan Nail Polish - Guimauve Nº 965



Product by: Avril



The Guimauve color is irresistible. With a brush stroke, your nails are a beautiful soft lilac color.



- Intense color.

- Fast drying

- Glossy finish.

- Vegan product.

- Not tested on animals.

- It is not a biological product.



Composition Without:

- Benzophenone 1

- Camphor

- Colophony.

SKU: 03_23

Beautiful hands begin with the care we have with them:


- Regularly exfoliate your hands with a Biological E scrub for your face, as the skin on your hands is easily weakened;


- Nourish and moisturize your hands daily with a Biological Hand Cream ;


- If you have very damaged skin, apply Shea Butter for immediate comfort.