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The Company

When asked what we do, the answer is inevitable:

“Since 2015, we have made people fall in love with their waste, contributing to a more sustainable future and materializing a circular economy in the domestic environment”.

This metaphor was the starting point of O2W, a Portuguese company that conceived the brand “The Greatest Candle in The World”, which is dedicated to the distribution of innovative technology (Oil2Wax) that, added to the waste of oil and edible or cosmetic oil , allows the creation of ecological and aromatic decorative candles with fantastic fragrances.

This perfumed wax, duly patented as the only one in the world, was developed by our team and subjected to rigorous safety tests (more than 30 parameters analyzed) prepared by independent international organizations, having passed all of them with distinction.

The Greatest Candle in The World products are available in ecological and scented decorative candles and in do-it-yourself kits designed to encourage people of all ages to make, through a very simple process, their own ecological and flavored candles in customized according to your ideas and tastes.

The Greatest Candle candles are made from waste and not from natural resources, do not add carbon to the environment and are safe for the consumer, which makes them the most ecofriendly in the world. For all these reasons, we call our candles “The Best Candles In The World”.

We also developed the educational project “De Fio a Pavio” where we carry out training, activities and workshops in schools, from the 1st cycle to the secondary, and events throughout the country, to raise awareness among children, young people and their families for the end of their lives. products, and residues of edible oils and oils or cosmetics in particular, and their role in a circular economy.

Environmental Sustainability

At The Greatest Candle we design environmentally friendly products that materialize a circular economy in the home environment, that make people of all ages, including children, fall in love with their own waste.

Our goal is to add value to the waste where it is generated. We design solutions so that each person becomes more aware of the environment and is responsible for a more efficient management of their residues of oils and edible oils or cosmetics, thus reducing the waste they generate and consequently their carbon footprint and also preventing contamination of the planet .


We develop natural, non-polluting, energy-efficient products, safe for their users, not tested on animals and which can be fully customized according to the tastes of each one with the "Do it yourself" Kit.

Contribute to a greener, healthier and more sustainable planet and have in your home or workplace the “greenest candle in the world”. With our solutions create your environments and simultaneously protect our environment.

Environmental impact

waste oils and cooking oils

or cosmetics translated into numbers

Water and oil consumption

In five days, a European citizen consumes an average of 1,000 liters of water. On the other hand, for each liter of food oil and olive oil residue that is not properly valued, we pollute 1,000,000 liters of water.

Contamination of the environment

In 90% of cases, the oil residue and cooking oil is poured into the sink or sink. In contact with water, it forms a lubricant layer at the top that prevents the absorption of oxygen and sunlight by marine life. It is also difficult to eliminate in the pipelines, causing clogging and, above all, a problem in cleaning the waste water, which is therefore one of the main causes of water contamination.



Consequences in the world

In one year, over 60,000 million tons of vegetable oils and oils are consumed worldwide. Almost half generate waste in quantities that, for example, can alter the original properties of waters across the Baltic Sea.

Environmental Advantages

to make candles with the residues of oils and cooking oils or cosmetics

Solve an environmental problem quickly, economically, usefully and intelligently

Waste vegetable products are used avoiding the use of natural resources

Raw material (powder and oil) of vegetable origin

Low electricity consumption in your production

Free of allergens and heavy metals

Consumer insurance

Pure cotton wicks that also do not contain traces of lead

Available in fantastic fragrances

Energy efficient: slow and clean combustion

Last longer than paraffin candles (made from oil)

Carbon neutral footprint, does not add carbon to the atmosphere

Never compromise the health of consumers

Prevents contamination of sewers, water tables, rivers and seas

We do not perform animal tests

Meet all European environmental and safety standards

Patented technology and subject to rigorous testing by international laboratories