Do you know why we call ourselves Urtekram? 😊Our name comes from the Danish word "herbalist".

Herbarium is an old term for a traveling merchant who sold spices and herbs 🌱

Urtekram was founded in Copenhagen in 1972. It started as
a small commercial store in Stenbroen (central Copenhagen), where our
body care products were produced in a space at the back of the store.
The way we used plants, plant extracts and other natural ingredients
it quickly became popular, both in Copenhagen and the rest of the country.
Our business grew rapidly and the small store was replaced by
production facilities in the small town of Mariager, well away from the environment
northern Jutland. Forty-five years later we are still here, in the same city and with the same focus on quality and sustainability.
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During 2019, eighty-five percent of our personal care packaging

f pray changed to packaging made from sugarcane 🌱

All of our vegetable-based packaging is made from sugar cane, derived from sugarcane residues from the food industry.

The advantage of using sugarcane is that it is a renewable resource that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere 💚 🌍

A sustainable alternative to conventional plastic, both for the environment and for you.


Sugar Cane

The Reverse Greenhouse Effect 💚🌱

All of our vegetable-based packaging is made from sugar cane, derived from

sugar cane from the food industry.

Instead of emitting CO2 and causing damage to the environment, the production of

sugar cane helps to reduce

amount of CO2.

In fact, a ton of

sugar cane absorbs two

tons of CO2 from the air.

We call this the reverse greenhouse effect.


Vegtable Packaging🌱

You will find in our tubes and bottles of body hygiene, a small observation stating that 50% of the tubes and 70% of the packaging of the packages are plant-based 💚

The packaging lid itself is not made of plastic

sustainable sugar cane, because we still haven't found a strong enough solution that meets our quality requirements, but we are working on the case.


It is our contribution to a

more sustainable alternative.